Micro-pigmentation: Ottawa Offers Permanent Makeup

micropigmentation ottawaOttawa boasts several top-notch centres for micro-pigmentation staffed by certified technicians, an advantage not shared by other similarly sized cities. The services offered in the Ottawa area range from tattoo removal, to areola colouring for breast reconstruction, to permanent makeup, ensuring that whatever your micro-pigmentation needs, you will be able to find a qualified professional to help you meet them.
While micro-pigmentation is useful for patients suffering from various medical conditions, the fastest growing area in the micro-pigmentation business is that of permanent makeup. Clients for this service include women from all walks of life who want to look fresh and beautiful 24/7, without the hassle of reapplying makeup, or having to deal with lipstick smudges, eyebrow pencil smears, and runny eyeliner.
The advantages of having permanent makeup are obvious. But many people hesitate because they have questions about the procedures. The following answers to frequently asked questions might help you to decide whether or not permanent makeup is for you.
How is permanent makeup applied?
Better micro-pigmentation centres use digitally controlled computerized tattoo machines. Be wary of technicians who use electric "pen” style machines. These are not able to deliver pigment to the proper depth of the skin's layers, and clients may experience premature flaking or fading.
Is the procedure painful?
A topical anaesthetic is routinely applied, minimizing any discomfort you may feel. As well, the new machines take 40% less time to complete a procedure, significantly shortening already brief procedures.
Will the makeup last forever?
Depending on an individual's lifestyle and skin type, properly applied permanent makeup will last for many years. It's possible that after ten years a touch up may be required; sometimes sooner if a client spends much time in the sun gardening or sunbathing, etc.
Will I be able to choose colours I like?
There are now more than fifty colour pigments approved for use by Health Canada. Better technicians will offer you a wide range of colour choices.
Visit Ottawa-area micro-pigmentation centres to find out more about the procedures and technicians in your hometown. Long lasting beauty may be just around the corner!
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